Brad Schlafley
Brad grew up in Midland, Michigan and moved to California right after college. His mother was a piano teacher and his home was always filled with music. Brad took some lessons from his mom, but always struggled reading music. Slowly he lost interest. Over the years he’d pick up a guitar or tickle the ivories once in a while, but didn’t begin playing regularly until his late 20’s, when he studied under Joel McKellar who encouraged him to drop the sheet music and develop his ear.
After playing with a few garage bands in the Bay Area, Brad and some friends started a band and played together in local bars for several years. In 2001 his job as a programmer/developer transferred him to Colorado where he began playing guitar and keyboards on the worship team at his local church. After a few years he took over for the worship leader and continued in that role until 2015. During his time in Colorado he also became interested in Lutherie.  He took a few classes and subsequently built his own acoustic guitar. He also became friends with Ronnie Cook, the famed flatpicker, who taught him how to flatpick. While sitting around watching TV Brad is known to pick up his guitar and aimlessly flatpick. Though he’ll be the first one to tell you that he’s not very good at it, he does find it relaxing.
In May 2016 Brad and his wife, Wendy, moved back to California to be nearer to their three grown children, John, Marcus and Daniel, and five grandchildren.  He was hoping to get plugged into the local music scene or with a local church praise team.  It just so happened that he and his wife planted their roots 2 doors down from Loren Kaiser and the rest, as they say, is history.
Brad loves playing music, but when he has some extra time he enjoys doing yard work. When he has a few days to kill, he and his wife will jump into the jeep and take a road trip with their dog, setting up camp along the way, anywhere that Brad can hike and play his guitar around a campfire.